The Radio Amateur Examination Course and Morse Code Test by MARL

The Malta Amateur Radio League offers courses in preperation for The Amateur Radio Examination (RAE) needed to obtain a Class B licence, and Morse Code Test needed to uprage to a Class A licence.

RAE lessons are given by Dominic Azzopardi 9H1M & Carmelo Fenech 9H1AQ and Morse by Paul Pace 9H1JT every Thursday at the club premises from 18:00 to 20:00.

The course dates are as follows:

October to June in preperation for the July session of the examinations. ( email us for further info )

Price: FREE for paid-up members
Books Needed:
Radio Amateur's Examination Manual
by John Case, GW4HWR and Hilary Claytonsmith, G4JKS

The RSGB’s RAE Manual is recognised as the standard textbook for courses leading up to the Radio Amateurs Examination. It is presented in an easily understandable format and takes the candidate step by step through the syllabus topics.

ISBN: 1-872309-45-3

This book is obtainable from the club.

The latest edition is availble online! Click Here

Application Form for RAE Click Here

RAE Lesson by 9H1AQ


Morse Code Lesson by 9H1JT