Credits & Acknowledgements

The ARC team owe a debt of gratitude to the many people and organisations without who this resource would never have existed.

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Past and present members

Harry Bloomfield M1BYT Alec Wood M1BNK Alan Hardiman G0FUM
Chris Townsend G8PUT George Shaw MI3GTO Brian Davies G3OYU
Gerald Edinburgh G3SDY Ian Pollard M1FLC Paul Dann
Brian Reay G8OSN Chris Holmfirth Charles Darley G4VSZ
Chris Lorek G4HCL Chris Pile Graham Pitt G8YWL
Jeff Gaines Ken Sharman G7VJA Tom O'Neil GM4PRO
Martyn de Young Paul Dann  

Providers Of Further Material

Radio Society of Great Britain Murray Ward G3KZB Michael Titley & MicaSoft
John Owen G4VWL City & Guilds John Bowyer G4KGS
Bill Raine G4RXR Radiocommunications Agency Colin Chadburn G6WHL
Geoffrey Noles AE4RV Albert Williams G0MJV Art Swain G3KWY

Other Support & Services

Hostroute Ltd Barry Crisp G7TPR
Cliff Boarder Ian Bage M1DYB
UK Academic Mirror Service Demon Internet
Simtel Inc