The information contained within these pages, is aimed at encouraging and assisting total newcomers to gain entry into the hobby.


The purpose of this site is to introduce and form a point of contact, for those in the UK who might be considering entering the fascinating and high rewarding hobby of amateur radio. It will likely be of limited interest to those who already have their license, although comments, corrections, and your text contributions in your favorite area of expertise (aimed at the newcomer) would be very welcome. Offers for your name to be listed, as a 'local contact' for potential newcomers to seek advice from, would also be very gratefully received.


On becoming a part of the radio amateur community, you find out what really great bunch of friendly characters those within this hobby can be. Your circle of friends, is multiplied several times over, help and advice is generally forthcoming for just the asking. Their ages range from 8 to beyond 80, with a wide variety of occupations and professions. You find yourself rubbing shoulders with everyone from bin-men to doctors, and from the presidents of countries, to well known entertainers. The late King Hussein of Jordan was just one such keen, active and well known Radio Amateur, as is Lord Brian Rix. The hobby can be as easy and straight forward as you wish to make it, or as technically complex. The only limits, need only be the bounds of your imagination. The full range of abilities are interests are well catered for, once you have a license. It can also be one of the very cheapest of hobbies, once the initial investment is made.


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